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Sorry for the delay with this list, we`ve been busy with shows, branch talks etc and the current list has taken us some time to finish.

On the following pages we offer a selection of nursery grown cacti and succulents. All are available by mail order though visitors are welcome at the nursery but please check beforehand to make sure we`re open and for directions.

We aim to have a reasonable assortment of cacti and succulents to suit most tastes including a large range of cristate and grafted cacti together with a wide mixture of seedlings.

Most plants are in 6.5cm pots or larger and at least 2 to 3 years old. They are all available in small quantities, in particular the grafted plants which, in some cases we can only produce less than 10 in a year. This list will be updated as often as possible but if any plants are sold out we will simply not charge and advise when more will be available.

We can send plants to any country within the European Union without CITES paperwork as, to the best of our understanding, the EU is treated as one country for CITES purposes. Unfortunately, the UK authorities charge 5 per genus for CITES permits to send plants outside Europe making exports beyond Europe far too expensive.

For those in the USA, many of the more unusual plants on our list are also grown by Miles Anderson in Tucson, Arizona and he provides a mail order service in the USA. We can strongly recommend his plants - see Miles web site on the internet.

Mail Order: As soon as we receive your order we pick your plants from the best available and plants are sent bare-rooted. If orders are during the growing season it will take a week or so to dry out the soil as plants cannot be posted with damp soil. Please therefore allow up to three weeks for the plants to arrive.

Unless stated, plants are growing in 2.5in pots and are a reasonable size for the pot.

The new list is now on line though more plants are currently being added daily, photos of all plants for sale are also on the new site. On-line ordering is available using all popular cards and delivery should be within three weeks of receipt of you order, usually much sooner. Click here for our new site and then click on 'flower selection' to reach the nursery pages;jsessionid=1542507352d761a/shopdata/0060_Plantlife+Cactus+Nursery+-+collectable+cacti+succulents/product_overview.shopscript

This site is part of our other business, Plantlife Florists in Eastbourne Town Centre, when looking through the list please ignore the delivery details that refer to flower delivery. All prices include postage and all popular cards can be used, we do not process the card transactions until plants are due to be posted.

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